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Student Guide

Before studies

For those moving here

How exciting that you’ve chosen Karlskrona as your student city! Here are some tips and advice to consider before the move.

On Karlskrona Municipality’s “move here” page, we have gathered useful information for those considering moving to Karlskrona and for those who are newly arrived.

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On the Karlskrona Municipality’s website, you can find compiled contacts for various housing agencies and landlords offering student housing, apartments, and accommodations.

Link to website

Karlskronahem rents out both student apartments and regular apartments. When it comes to student apartments, it’s essential to register your interest as early as possible to be placed high on the waiting list and receive offers for available apartments.

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Studentbostäder i Norden rents out student accommodations. When you register, you start accumulating queue points. Registering with SBN is free.

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Jotac has a property with student corridors in central Karlskrona.

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Change of Address and Registration

Remember to update your address if you move within Sweden.

Change your address at adressandring.se   >

Simply changing your address is not enough when you move within Sweden. By registering at the correct place, you also get the opportunity to apply for housing allowance and take out home insurance for your apartment. If you need to seek medical care, you should primarily contact the municipality where you are registered.

To the Swedish Tax Agency’s e-service for registration   >

Aerial photo of Nättraby in Karlskrona, Sweden

Discover Karlskrona

Karlskrona is a pedestrian-friendly city, and most things are within walking or biking distance.

You can get around by bike almost everywhere in Karlskrona, and if it’s too cold or windy to bike, you can easily get around by bus.

Discover Karlskrona

Karlskrona is a pedestrian-friendly city, and most things are within walking or biking distance.

You can get around by bike almost everywhere in Karlskrona, and if it’s too cold or windy to bike, you can easily get around by bus.

In Karlskrona, Blekingetrafiken is responsible for buses and offers a 25% student discount on all tickets. SJ is responsible for Krösatåget between Karlskrona – Emmaboda, and Öresundståget operates between Karlskrona – Copenhagen.

By air
The nearest airport is in Ronneby, from where you can fly to Stockholm in 55 minutes.
From Karlskrona Central Station, you can take the train to Lund or Malmö and then continue to Sturup or travel all the way to the train’s final destination, Copenhagen Airport Kastrup.

Karlskrona Municipality offers an electric car pool in collaboration with the company Move About
The electric car pool is open for everyone to use, both individuals and businesses. Electric cars can be rented by the hour, day, or weekend, and everything is managed via your mobile or computer.

During studies

Student life

For those eager to experience student life in Karlskrona, several organizations host various activities.

Blekinge Student Union

For students attending Blekinge Institute of Technology, the Blekinge Student Union is available.

Link to Blekinge Student Union  >

Rosenboms nation

An non-profit organization run by students in post-secondary education in Blekinge County. They work towards enhancing student life.

Link to Rosenboms nation  >

The student’s association at Hyper Island

For students enrolled in programs at Hyper Island.

Link to The student’s association at Hyper Island  >

Culture, Leisure, and Events

For those with existing or seeking leisure interests, there are numerous associations to engage with, encompassing culture, sports, and recreation. Many activities are also entirely free and easily accessible to all!

New to Karlskrona   >

Evenent calendar   >

Karlskrona Municipality’s Association Registry   >

Flea Markets and Second Hand

In Karlskrona, there are several Second Hand stores where you can find both clothing and home decor at great prices.

Daniel’s Second Hand   >

Ge & Ta Städ & Loppis   >

Pentecostal Church Second Hand   >

Red Cross Second Hand   >

There are also many flea markets in Karlskrona. To know when and where these take place, we suggest keeping an eye on Facebook Marketplace.

Places to study in Karlskrona

In addition to the school’s premises, there are also other places where you can sit and study in Karlskrona. Perhaps you prefer a cozy café or why not outdoors on a bench when the sun is shining.

Karlskrona Municipality’s Library   >

The Pot   >

Nightlife in Karlskrona

In the city center, there are several bars if you want to have a great evening. Located on Borgmästarekajen, the cozy basement bar Underbar is perfect for a relaxed evening in the company of good friends.

Just a stone’s throw from Borgmästarekajen to Borgmästaregatan lies Kruthus Pub & Käk. There, you can listen to great music, enjoy cocktails, and beer. If you’re hungry, we recommend their unique sausages made from 100% meat or the house’s very own shrimp sandwich.

If you’re looking for a place with delicious food and a wide selection of wine, we recommend Nivå, located at Klaipedaplatsen. Nivå offers a menu suitable for all occasions, whether it’s a romantic dinner, a night out with friends, or a family dinner.

If you’re craving beer or whiskey, head to Fox & Anchor located on Ronnebygatan. Currently, they serve 29 types of draft beer and a large number of bottled beers from around the world. If you love whiskey, you’ll find a wide selection here. The majority are Scottish single malt whiskey, but other regions of the world are also represented.

For those who prefer drinks or cocktails, we recommend Stars and Stripes at Stortorget. Stars and Stripes is an American-style steakhouse and also offers many delicious American-inspired dishes for those who are hungry. They also host Music Quiz nights on Wednesdays.

Burgers and beers? Then head to Biobaren which has perfected the art of making burgers. Located next to the cinema on Ronnebygatan, they offer a wide range of high-quality burgers and various types of beer. Biobaren also organizes beer tastings and movie quizzes, among other events.

Restaurants and Cafés

Karlskrona offers a wide range of cafes and restaurants, catering to all tastes.

Read more about cafés   >

Read more about restaurants   >

Festivals in Karlskrona

Karlskrona hosts recurring city festivals that are appreciated attractions for both residents and visitors from outside the city.

Lövmarknaden is a traditional market in central Karlskrona held on the day before Midsummer’s Eve. Similar festivities have been held in Karlskrona for about 200 years, and since 1871, they have been known as “Lövmarknad” which translates to “leaf market” in English.

Lövmarknaden   >

Karlskrona Skärgårdsfest means Karlskrona “archipelago party” – it is a celebration where the unique history of the World Heritage Site meets the modern city’s pulse and folk life. It’s where lively parks and squares offer music and festivities, but where tranquil spots and interesting history also provide visitors with unforgettable memories.

Karlskrona Skärgårdsfest   >

It was on December 3, 1998, when the Naval City of Karlskrona was inscribed on the list of the world’s most interesting places – UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Places indispensable to humanity. The 25th anniversary is celebrated big and small throughout the year, but the highlight of the celebration is when the World Heritage Festival takes over the city – Världsarvsfestivalen.

Världsarvsfestivalen   >

After studies

Your Career Begins in Karlskrona

Build connections during your study period that will foster your future career.

Karlskrona Municipality on LinkedIn   >


Job openings in Karlskrona on the Swedish Public Employment Service’s website.

See Job Bank   >


See available jobs on the Techtank website.

See Techtank’s website   >


See homes for sale in Karlskrona Municipality.

See Hemnet’s website >   >

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